Consumers buy tens of thousands of products in the weeks leading up to Prime Day as Amazon lists presales ahead of the big event.

Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale kicked off on July 11, but some consumers were already shopping presales. 

Web traffic measurement firm Similarweb Ltd. shared data with on the most popular Amazon purchases in the week leading up to the sale, June 26 through July 2.

Amazon ranks No. 3 in ’s new 2023 Global Online Marketplaces Report, and the annual Prime Day sale draws millions of shoppers. Last year, Prime members purchased more than 100 million products in the sales leading up to the event. 

Crocs took the top spot

Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clogs were the biggest hit of the pre-sale, according to Similarweb. The polarizing shoes were the No. 1 best-selling item on six of the seven days Similarweb tracked. Amazon also noted the shoes were the No. 1 best seller in its Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry category for the period.

The only product that managed to beat out Crocs was Finding Cinderella: A Novella, for one day of the week, Similarweb shared.


Crocs are sold by Crocs Inc., ranked No. 104 in the Top 1000. The database is ’s ranking of the largest North American online retailers.

Electronics deals were popular

As usual, Amazon heavily promoted its own devices, including Kindles, Fire streaming devices, and Ring security products. 

The ecommerce giant breaks out a specific category for its devices, and the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader was the most popular for each day tracked. In addition to being a marketplace, Amazon also ranks No. 1 in the Top 1000.


Electronics made up more than half of the top 10 selling products each day, Similarweb found. Apple products dominated the category, particularly the different models of AirPods. AirTags, 9th generation iPad, and the Apple Watch Series 8 also made appearances on the best sellers list. Amazon said Apple AirPods were among the top sellers in early access sales in 2022.

Apple Inc. ranks No. 3 in the Top 1000.

The KAMRUI Mini PC was also popular, per Similarweb.

Consumer bought appliances to beat the heat

Appliances tend to be another staple of Amazon Prime Day through the years. This year, a countertop ice maker by the brand Euhomy was the top-selling appliance during all seven days of the period, according to Similarweb. Seven other ice maker models also made the bestseller list during the same timeframe.


A minifridge and compact washing machines were the other top sellers in the appliance category, Similarweb found.

Mike Scheschuk, president of small and medium business at marketplaces software vendor Jungle Scout, previously told that appliances are always big Prime Day sellers, and he expects that to hold true in 2023.

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